MAGIC fast format change and SAM technology

Compared to the methods of quick mold changeover known up to now, our new system will differ from all the others by the possibility of integral format changeover in double cavity head mode, in the particularity of being able to change electrically, automatically and not manually the following elements that up to now influenced the total format changeover time.

These are the 8 points that will make your machines more profitable:

1) Automatic head center-to-center adjustment.

2) Automatic adjustment of the blowing pin center-to-center.

3) Automatic adjustment of the closing force without manual intervention on the pins of the columns.

4) Automatic centering of the parison.

5) Mold plates with Stäubli magnetic centering system and bayonet couplings for mold cooling.

6) Automatic vertical cutting adjustment.

7) Automatic centering of post cooling.

8) Automatic adjustment of the extruder platform for head height adjustment.

All of the above will be managed by a camera that will read a QR code applied on the mold. The system will automatically process all the preset data to switch from processing a 10-liter stackable handle drum to a 5-liter F-Style handle container.

The machine will automatically adjust itself with the points listed above: head distance, nozzle distance, parison centering, aftercooler centering and closing force adjustment if necessary.

Thus, it is possible to go from 240 mm to 280 mm spacing with completely different containers.

On the other hand, as far as counterform and deburring adjustments are concerned, these will be managed by state-of-the-art manual systems that will also speed up format changeover in this case.

Magic’s new technology has put the machines with self-learning adjustment, a technology called SAM (Self Adjustment Machine).

We estimate that with Magic’s new systems it will take only 45 minutes to go from a 10-liter can with handle to a 5-liter F-Style container, including distances between nozzle centers, deburrers and all the groups necessary to complete the format changeover.