Piovan - Auxiliary equipment for the processing of plastic materials

Piovan was founded in 1934 as a mechanical engineering company. In 1964 it entered the plastics industry and specialised in the manufacture of auxiliary equipment.


With more than fifty thousand customers worldwide, the company is the world’s largest player in the field of auxiliary technologies for the various polymer transformation processes.


The only one able to supply a complete range of products including: hoppers, dryers, crystallisers, hot air dryers, mould dryers, volumetric, gravimetric and loss-in-weight mixers, granulators, thermoregulators and coolers. Piovan’s supply is completed by the supervision software, which allows the control of the plant’s productivity.


In the last ten years, the company has grown into a multinational organisation with production plants in Italy, Germany, Brazil, China and the United States, 21 subsidiaries and representatives for more than 70 countries. With its worldwide sales and technical support network, Piovan operates in the engineering sector as a business partner that designs and creates centralised turnkey systems and innovative solutions that respond to market demand and technological evolution.

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