Piovan - Costumers. The core of our innovation

Piovan was founded in 1934 as mechanical engineering company. In 1964 entered the plastics industry to specialize in the manufacturing of auxiliary equipment.

With more than fifty thousand customers worldwide, the company is the world’s largest player in the field of ancillary technologies for the diverse polymer transformation processes.

Piovan boasts the broadest range of products, which includes: hoppers, dehumidifiers, crystallisers, dryers, mould dehumidifiers, volumetric, gravimetric and weight loss blenders, granulators, thermoregulators and chillers. The supervisory softwares, which allow the control of the plant productivity, complete the Piovan supply.

Over the past ten years the company has become a multinational organization with production facilities in Italy, Germany, Brazil, China and USA, 21 subsidiaries and representatives for more than 70 countries. With its sales and technical assistance network widespread globally, Piovan offers its contribution as engineering partner, by designing and creating turn-key centralised systems and innovative solutions in step with market demands and technological evolutions.