AUTOMA by Magic was born from the joint will of Magic MP and other professionals in the extrusion-blow molding machine sector.

As it can be easily understood by checking out the company’s name, Automa by Magic arises from a joint desire of Magic MP and other professionals in the extrusion blow molding industry, which acquires, as a branch of the company, the activity developed by Claren Cutting Service, which as been active for several years, supplying spare parts and offering a wide-rang of services for the Automa and Blow-Star brands.


Among the novelties of Automa by Magic, there’s a new location where new machines will be manufactured with Automa’s hydraulic technology and also machines with highly customized solutions. By doing so, we are not only helping Automa customers, but we’re also providing additional models that are identical and interchangeable within existing ones.

Most importantly, Automa by Magic strives to mantain a product and brand that has always satisfied many customers, as evidenced by the production of more than 2,500 machines in more than 40 years of Automa activity.

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