Mezcladores gravimétricos de plásticos de alta precisión “Quantum E”

High precision gravimetric plastic mixers “Quantum E”

Gravimetric plastic mixers are used in industries to be able to accurately weigh and mix plastics before processing them in an injection or blow molding machine, and by extrusion.

Thus, industrial plastic mixing machines incorporate high technology, by means of an innovative dosing device.

They are fully integrated into polymer processing systems and equipment, designed to combine materials before processing, consistently and efficiently.

The use of gravimetric plastic mixers saves money on material and components by ensuring a consistent metering cycle that does not require over-dosing.

In this regard, we present the “Quantum E” series gravimetric batch mixer with continuous extrusion control.

It is an innovative dosing system developed to ensure high precision and versatility in extrusion processes, enhancing the advantages of both gravimetric batch technology and loss-in-weight systems.

These huge innovations and great design contribute to increasing production efficiency in an industry, something that offers a multitude of advantages to users. All this, makes Quantum to be used in all sectors, such as packaging, automotive, electronics, construction, toys and household goods, sanitary, recycling and so on.

Mixing machines with great features

The “Quantum E” series gravimetric mixer offers great flexibility and adaptability to companies and industries.

The surfaces that are in contact with the materials and components are made of stainless steel and, therefore, can be used in more vulnerable areas, such as food, as it avoids their alteration or modification. In this way, the quality of the product and its condition is ensured.

The mixer can be easily emptied and cleaned, an essential aspect for its maintenance and sanitation.

In addition, it is a machine which facilitates the change of materials, without contamination of the resulting powder.

“Quantum E” is highly versatile in terms of use thanks to 8 dosing stations: each station is added or replaced by a simple mechanical operation without the need for complex maneuvers and in conditions of complete safety for the operator and for nearby equipment. It is designed and built in such a way as to allow complete traceability of each component and repeatability of each cycle, thanks also to the new trapezoidal shape of the dosing gate. It is very accurate and, in addition, integrates a fast discharge device.

This gravimetric plastic mixer is able to prepare a completely homogeneous and accurate mixture of the various ingredients.

Its use is very intuitive for the user, since the control is carried out by a PLC system of the latest generation, through which the operator can see in real time the operation of the process and all the operating parameters for the total extrusion control.

Thus, “Quantum E” allows high precision extrusion and weight per meter control with PLC, gravimetric mixing of up to 8 ingredients, double load cells for maximum dosing accuracy and an easy to remove mixing shaft for simplified maintenance.

All this makes it a vital plastic converting equipment in these types of industries.

 “Quantum E”, ready for integration with Winfactory 4.0

Another of the most striking aspects of this equipment for mixing plastics is that the control system is designed for integration with Winfactory 4.0, the industrial supervision software developed by Piovan.

Winfactory 4.0 is a production process monitoring software that allows interaction with all the Quantum mixers in the company and industry, in order to manage materials, production batches, determine the origin of raw materials, share mixed materials, etc. Therefore, it makes it possible to have the best control over material and energy consumption.

The best machinery for plastics transformation: Gravimetric plastic mixers

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