Applications for recycling plastics in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes

CMG has launched the new line of G26 granulators, with innovative features. They are applications for plastics recycling with which higher productivity, regrind quality, operational efficiency and lower TCO are obtained.

These granulators are used for recycling in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes, with standard configurations ranging from 50 kg/h to 300 kg/h.

Three of the most outstanding aspects of the plastic recycling applications of the new line of CMG granulators are the great versatility, robustness and precision of the machinery.

CMG is a company that has one of the widest and most qualified product ranges covering all sectors of plastics processing, so they are a benchmark in the sector, with great experience. It offers solutions and machines for efficient and competitive plastic transformation.

More than 30 configurations in its models

The new G26 series consists of three models: G26-30, G26-45 and G26-60, all of them with integral soundproofing and an innovative feed hopper, whose design is intended to accommodate the widest variety of shapes and sizes of the parts to be ground.

All models are efficient, equipped with EISA motors and can be equipped with AMP (Adaptive Motor Power). Power consumption is 20 Wh/kg compared to more than 40 Wh/kg for conventional solutions.

As for the quality of its components, the G26 line is manufactured with exclusive materials, high precision, dimensional homogeneity of the crushed particles and absence of dust. All this results in reduced friction and abrasion.

Machinery for plastics recycling with ease of maintenance

CMG’s G26 has a state-of-the-art design that offers greater ease of maintenance. Both cleaning and any operation related to periodic maintenance can be performed from the front without the use of tools.

Likewise, the ground product is discharged through the so-called suction drawer, placed under the cutting chamber, by means of a vacuum transport system. This ensures the absence of dust, an enormous advantage in this type of machinery. This is another exclusive design of CMG Granuladores.

As a relevant fact, the new line is equipped with integrated controls that monitor all the functions of the granulator and all the auxiliary elements. In this way, from the moment the object to be recycled is placed on the feed belt until the recyclate is transported to a silo for further use, the entire process is verified and examined.

It is therefore part of Industry 4.0, vital today to keep up with its competitors.

We find, then, that some of the main features of this recycling machinery are: having a low noise level (within the EN 12012-1 standard), constituting equipment suitable for blow molding, injection and extrusion, having a rotor with adjustable rotating blades and IP55 motor and electrical panel, being easy to clean and handle, being configurable for all types of recycling extraction, being very efficient and having a super tangential cutting chamber, high strength side plates and rotating blade with high inclination.

In short, its models are the best for recycling in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes.

Machinery for plastics transformation

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