Solutions for recycling waste in thermoforming

Solutions for recycling waste in thermoforming

Thermoforming, a process that consists of shaping a plastic sheet by means of heat and vacuum through the use of a mold, thermoforming is a technique widely used in waste recycling solutions.

Unlike other processes, such as injection or blow molding, thermoforming starts from a rigid sheet of uniform thickness and allows to carry out small productions, being very profitable due to its low cost.

In this LUISO’s post, we want to show you some of the characteristics and relevant aspects of this process and recycling equipment such as thermoforming.

Technical features of recycling equipment

CMG, a great partner of our company, presents a series of granulators, solutions for in-line waste recycling, innovative and with sophisticated design, suitable for the grinding of sheets, skeleton sheets and reject parts.

It includes four models, covering applications from 200 to 1,000 kg/h.

There are great technical features in CMG Granulators equipment, among which we highlight:


  1. The rotor blades are positioned with a high degree of inclination, 50°, with respect to the fixed blade. This guarantees the best cutting precision, maximum dimensional size, homogeneity of the crushed material, minimum noise emissions and absence of dust.


  1. The cutting chamber is assembled with bolts and pins, does not use cast or welded components and all parts are CNC machined for the highest assembly accuracy down to the hundredth of a millimeter.


  1. Uses only 20 Wh/kg of power, very little compared to the 40+ Wh/kg consumed by conventional units.


  1. All GT models are low-profile and soundproofed for placement just below the finished product conveyor. This keeps the production environment much quieter.


In addition to these technical data, we also tell you that the recycling equipment has uniform shredding dimensions with minimum dust content, tangential cutting design and maximum shredding production capacity.

Machinery with high reliability and robustness.

CMG assures you of the best machinery for recycling plastic waste. All its components, in addition to being of excellent quality, offer great reliability as a whole.

In fact, the position of the screen is precisely below the cutting chamber and offers the highest discharge performance, ensuring minimum residence time of the shredded material in the cutting chamber and maximum productivity.

The unit is emptied through a pneumatic vacuum conveying system. This not only preserves the integrity of the regrind by conveying it under negative pressure in large diameter pipes, but also eliminates any possible generation of dust and contamination.

Therefore, it is a great solution for industries.

CMG only provides highly reliable and powerful technologies.

These are, in short, plastic recycling solutions and equipment designed to meet all the unique and innovative needs of the Circular Economy.

These include granulators, shredders, integrated feed conveyors, shredded material extraction and conveying systems, dust separation units, dust management and air filtration.

A wealth of experience underpins CMG’s tremendous track record. You should think that, in the company’s 43 years of business, there are more than 30,000 units of equipment supplied to its customers.

Machinery for plastic transformation

In LUISO we offer you these and other solutions related to the transformation and recycling of plastic.

We have the best collaborating companies and brands in the sector, such as CMG, who have to their credit great experience and one of the widest and most qualified ranges of products that cover all sectors of plastic transformation.

All this, in order to offer the highest quality, efficiency, personalized service and comprehensive attention to all our customers.

We are at your disposal for whatever you need.