Increased energy efficiency with plastic recycling machinery

Increased energy efficiency with plastic recycling machinery

One of Luiso’s reference partners is CMG, a company with one of the widest and most qualified range of plastic recycling machinery.

CMG has great experience in offering solutions in the plastics industry, with maximum efficiency and profitability and, in this post, we detail some features.


Recycle with less energy consumption


CMG’s plastics recycling machinery, with capacities from 800 kg/h to over 5000 kg/h, features Adaptive Motor Power (AMP), being unique in the size reduction industry.


Its high energy efficiency is one of its added values. In fact, the granulator is able to autonomously adapt to the power level required, depending on the task or job to be performed and depending on the amount of material to be ground, the shape, weight, thickness, type of plastic or temperature of the part.


The Adaptive Motor Power option optimizes the quality of the ground material, minimizing the use of electrical energy. Only 20 to 25 Wh/kg of energy is used. In contrast, conventional machinery consumes more than 50 Wh/kg, so the savings are significant and companies have a return on investment in less than 1 year. 


Reliability and robustness with CMG equipment


CMG plastic recycling machines are fully designed with the objective of covering the most demanded solutions within the sector. They have great robustness and reliability.


Among all the equipment developed for recycling, we find granulators, shredders, integrated feeding belts, shredder extraction and conveying systems, dust removal, dust management and air filtration. 


Their experience supports them, since in 43 years of activity of the company, they have installed more than 30,000 units, always with great professionalism and dedication to their customers.


Within the plastic recycling machinery, CMG presents the EV916 and EV616 models, perfect equipment for more critical operations, for water or dry granulation. These require solutions with higher performance, versatility, efficiency and sustainability.


They belong to the Evoluzione series, which guarantees greater resistance to wear and tear. They are super granulators for recycling with high precision to the hundredth of a millimeter in the construction of the new cutting chamber. This aspect makes the blade’s service life longer and, consequently, its maintenance much more favorable.


All the equipment in this series is equipped with advanced controls, as they are intended to make the machinery more controllable and manageable.


In addition to the above, they are machines with great features and whose parameters related to temperature, productivity, wear, efficiency and consumption, can be managed and analyzed in the equipment itself or remotely.

So it is ideal to take the best control.


More efficient and cost-effective solutions in the plastics industry


CMG has a proven track record with the world’s largest distribution network in the plastics processing industry. It has service and sales centers all over the world, making it a major partner of Luiso.

Its products range from small injection granulators to the most advanced ATEX solutions for the automotive industry; from a wide range of granulators and powder separators for PET applications in packaging to large granulators and shredders for post-consumer recovery of plastics.


CMG has become a pioneering corporation in the development of advanced solutions, specifically designed for energy savings, efficiency and integration in the production chain.


For these reasons, among others, at Luiso, through suppliers such as CMG, we can offer you the best equipment and machinery for plastic recycling in the market, as well as comprehensive advice and service.