MB Conveyors machines and systems for plastic transformation

MB Conveyors machines and systems for plastic transformation

The market for plastic transformation machines is very demanding and competitive. For this reason, MB Conveyors is up to the challenge and constantly offers innovative and updated solutions within the plastic transformation industry.

For more than 30 years, its equipment has been providing the possibility for companies to have machinery to transform high quality polymers, from collection to storage.

Each and every one of these state-of-the-art mechanisms have been designed and created by professionals, in order to meet your needs and continue to evolve within the sector.

What are MB Conveyors’ solutions for plastics processing?

We found that MB Conveyors, a close partner of Luiso, is a leader in the creation of conveyor belts, crates separators, conveying lines and storage systems, plastic transformation machines very remarkable in the field.

Concerning the conveyor systems, they have the mission to transport industrial products of all types and shapes, to realize customized lines and to solve the different situations with particular criticality.

For this purpose, MB Conveyors designs and manufactures robust and versatile machinery for plastics.

As for the separation systems, which aim to effectively separate the product from the crumbs during the path from the press to the container, it creates separators integrated into the conveyor, independent with connection to it and, of course, fully customized according to the requirements of the industry.

For packaging, the purpose of which is to feed machinery and integrate the conveyor into complex machines, they offer solutions such as elevators with loading hoppers and compact conveyors with specific characteristics.

Regarding storage, their mission is to elaborate a storage unit on board the production unit, which allows an increase of the working autonomy. To achieve this, they have storage systems for the filling of several containers of different quantities.

There is also the plasticbelt. Its purpose is to transport very hot, small or sharp products, electrostatic loads or to promote product cooling. And the solutions they provide are plastic roller conveyors or perforated roller conveyors, all patented by MB.

And for PET, which is responsible for the collection and transport of preforms at the press outlet, their cooling and storage, they have systems specifically designed for PET.

In addition to all these systems mentioned above, MB Conveyors has other, totally specific and high quality systems for the industries that are in charge of transforming plastics.

Thanks to its great experience, this company offers its customers cutting-edge products, always highly efficient and very resolute, which allows to guarantee highly controlled production processes in each of its phases and with great results.

Partner company expert in plastics transformation.

MB Conveyors is constantly developing systems and machinery in the sector and has a team of fully qualified and trained personnel to make it happen. There are more than 50 people in different offices, fully dedicated to the development and production of the systems.

It is a sector in continuous evolution and great changes and MB Conveyors is up to the challenge. In order to achieve this, their research and development of products and machinery never ceases, always managing to offer new solutions and adapt to the demands of the sector.

Machinery to transform polymers for your industry.

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We have great partners such as MB Conveyors, who have a huge experience and a great quality in their products.

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