MAGIC MP plastic extrusion-blow molding equipment

MAGIC MP plastic extrusion-blow molding equipment

The technology and equipment for extrusion-blow molding of plastic materials are constantly evolving and MAGIC MP, a reference company in the sector, advances at the same pace in order to offer the best solutions to the market.

MAGIC MP is a benchmark in the
construction of extrusion blow molding machines and, for this reason, there is a strong partnership and full trust with Luiso.

Polymer-based products are in great demand worldwide, as they are one of the most widely used packaging materials in many industries. Their characteristics are very positive, for example in terms of shelf life and cost-effectiveness.

Companies such as MAGIC MP, work day by day in the study, development, quality and performance of plastic extrusion-blow molding equipment.

They have been present in this field for more than 50 years, leading large projects with great dedication and performance.

What is a plastic extrusion blow molding machine?

Due to the large number of different processes that can be performed to produce plastic items, it is a rather complex sector.

Each item may require specific actions and plastic extrusion blow molding machines are key to certain procedures.

Equipment such as this is used to manufacture hollow objects by inflating a plastic tube. This is heated to fill a mold or die and create the required shape by filling the parison with the material. The object is then cooled and ejected from the mold halves.


Extrusion blow molding equipment consists of an extruder with a plasticizing system that allows a uniform melt to be obtained at the appropriate speed.

Although there is a wide variety of blow molding processes, developed by a team of engineers and physicists, the common element in this extrusion blow molding machinery is the production of a precursor or a preform, in which the closed mold is placed to be blown with a specific air, thus obtaining the final product.


MAGIC MP, a benchmark in extrusion blow molding machines


MAGIC MP, a leading company in the construction of this type of machinery for plastic transformation, is a reference in the market.

The history of its production of extrusion blow molding machines began with the presentation of the smallest machine in the series, which immediately aroused great interest.

MAGIC MP is made up of highly skilled engineers who are constantly developing new options and solutions, always of the highest level and quality, as well as adapting to the needs of each customer and their requirements.

Their great experience supports them and, together with the commitment of their Manager, Mr. Ferruccio Giacobbe, makes MAGIC MP an innovative and avant-garde company. 

Luiso and MAGIC MP guarantee you the best quality machinery.

At Luiso we only work with the best equipment for plastics processing and reference companies that offer tailor-made and high quality solutions for our customers.

Our corporation, always in constant evolution and growth, puts at your disposal its experience in the manufacture of machinery, being at the height of the users’ demands and in obtaining the technological leadership of its represented brands.


In addition, we provide an agile and efficient technical service, with great professional experts in the field, in order to meet the needs of industries and that the machinery and equipment for plastic processing can always be operational.

Contact us and you will be able to check the quality of our processes and the service we can offer you. Generation after generation, Luiso is at your side to help you in your new projects.