PIOVAN Plastic Processing Machinery

PIOVAN Plastic Processing Machinery

As a leading company in offering machinery for plastic processing, we have at our side collaborators and suppliers of total confidence, who comply with high quality standards and excellent service and products, in addition to providing maximum transparency and having engineering professionals.

One of the most outstanding is PIOVAN, leaders in
 auxiliary equipment for plastic processing.

It is a company backed by years of experience in the field, whose machinery for plastic processing is used in numerous leading corporations, providing constant and comprehensive support to users.

PIOVAN was founded in 1934 as a mechanical engineering company and, in 1964, entered the plastics industry, specializing in the manufacture of auxiliary equipment for polymer processing.

It has more than fifty thousand customers worldwide. This fact makes it the major player in the auxiliary technologies sector.

PIOVAN is a leading supplier of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing.

PIOVAN is a company that supplies engineering, auxiliary and service solutions for the plastics industry. As we were saying, it is a reference, since it has a large international presence, which ensures the best attention and proximity to customers.

It is a leading company whose objective is to face new challenges and projects for users, with more practical and effective solutions.

This makes PIOVAN a symbol in the global market and, undoubtedly, helps them to continue growing and improving every day.

It currently has 1148 collaborators, 9 production plants and 33 companies around the world. Its facilities, perfectly conditioned and updated, allow to supply and manufacture auxiliary equipment for plastic transformation in a safe and professional way, always looking for the best, most profitable and productive solutions.

This great experience, more than fifty years in the polymer industry, has made PIOVAN a reliable partner with whom the best results can be achieved. And, for this reason, at Luiso we have that peace of mind at your side.

Moreover, thanks to the intensification of international competition and globalization, PIOVAN has been able to improve its industry and its organizational structure, becoming more efficient in its processes and offering even higher quality products. This is undoubtedly a great added value that they provide to their customers and has allowed them to remain world leaders.

During its three generations of existence, always faithful to its identity, PIOVAN has in its possession great professionals in the sector to perform all its functions, who are fully trained and qualified for this purpose.

High quality products and services in the sector.

PIOVAN provides full support to its customers from the initial contact to the installation and commissioning of the system and auxiliary equipment. In this way, the best performance and follow-up is ensured, in addition to obtaining a totally personalized attention.

Among the solutions offered by PIOVAN, we find those related to:


  1. Feeding and transport
  2. Drying and dehumidification
  3. Dosing and mixing
  4. Granulation
  5. Thermoregulators
  6. Coolers
  7. Software
  8. Lab-Tech


The latter allows the correct monitoring of the production, which leads to the best analysis of the content in real time.

Therefore, PIOVAN is a benchmark in the field, which creates and designs innovative systems and solutions adapted to its customers’ market demand, as well as to the great technological evolution.

Luiso with the best partners

Our company is always fully linked with key industries and corporations in processes and specific machinery in the transformation of plastics, such as PIOVAN.

Contact us and you will get the best solutions and results, always adapted to the needs of your business.