CMG solutions with blow molding machinery

CMG solutions with blow molding machinery

CMG, a Luiso supplier with one of the broadest product ranges in the plastics processing industry, has new, more complete blow molding machinery solutions.

It is the leading company within the sector, with a strong global presence through more efficient and competitive options.

Its experience is enormous, as it has 42 years of research, development, innovation, and quality, offering size reduction equipment such as: granulators, single-shaft regrinders, integrated evacuation systems and conveying systems for regrinding and feeding, etc.

CMG is currently making new blow molding machinery for all industries. It is an innovative series of recycling system solutions which allows the business to obtain more productivity, regrinding quality, cleaner and purer environment, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

New configurations with improved quality

The configurations of the new systems developed by CMG cover capacities from 20 kg/h, to up to 1500 kg/h.

There are a total of 11 complete models of regrinders for blow molding applications, which feature a feed conveyor, metal detector, and closed feed chute to the granulator. All equipments have an increased efficiency and regrinding efficiency. The process of dusting off and air filtration are automatic and do not require a periodic maintenance.

The quality of CMG’s regrinding equipment for blow molding applications is tremendous, as its materials and components are of excellent character and nature.

In addition, the unique CMG cutting chamber is the distinguishing feature of the new line. Its high manufacturing precision results in reduced friction or abrasions, in addition to ensuring highly accurate cutting and dimensional homogeneity of the crushed particles.

Innovative blow molding systems do not generate contamination.

One of the most important aspects today, is the environment impact caused by industries. Regarding this issue and concern, CMG offers new proposals that do not generate neither dust or pollution.

The grinding renmants are evacuated from the collection tank of the granulator through a total vacuum regrind conveying system.

This is undoubtedly a very significant and positive added value. The vacuum conveying guarantees and certifies that there is no mechanical stress in the regrind, making it dust-free and non-polluting.

More control in CMG systems

CMG’s new innovative systems feature integrated controls capable of monitoring functions and actions at all times. This provides a higher level of approval and logging, as well as more safety during processes, from when the part to be recycled is discharged onto the in-feed conveyor until the material being regrinded is moved to an offset garbage can or any other stipulated location.

This total control makes an industry more competent, reliable, and have 4.0 systems, something that is highly valued today.

All these factors make CMG an excellent supplier for Luiso. It is a benchmark company in the sector, which stands out for its innovation, quality, enormous experience, research, and development, providing great solutions in the field of plastic transformation.

CMG is the largest global distribution network in the polymer industry, present all over the world and with exclusive sales and service centers.

It has a wide range of products, always of a great nature and with up-to-date systems, such as blow molding machinery.

In addition, it is a pioneer in providing advanced solutions specifically designed to save energy and achieve greater operational efficiency in all production processes.

Therefore, CMG is an organization with powerful products, systems and great options in machinery and equipment.