Piovan’s range of solutions extends from stand-alone single material hopper loaders to central multi-material systems.

S" Series Hopper loaders

Single phase

Piovan’s range of single-phase feeders enables the automatic transport of pellets to process machines, drying hoppers, gravimetric and volumetric doser etc.



• No risk of contamination
of the material.
• Maximum performance in each
loading cycle.
• Total safety.
• Easy cleaning.
• Soft start function.
• Warning signals.


Standard version
• 1 kW motor.
• Paper cartridge or fabric filter.
• Automatic cleaning.


• VP proportional valve.
• Acoustic alarm.
• Remote control.

F" Series Hopper loaders and Pumps

Three-phase vacuum units for single units or centralised systems

The F vacuum pumps, with an output of 0.75 to 15 kW, cover an output of up to 2500 kg/h and conveying distances of more than 150 metres.

Easy3 vacuum receivers

Wide range of material receivers. From 1.5 to 140 litres capacity.


All stainless steel construction.


Maintenance-free metal grid filter.

Experts in extrusion conveying and dosing technologies

Vacuum loaders for pellets, micro-granules, flakes or powder in the plastics and food industry.


Twin screw feeding units for dosing materials with low flow rates such as CaC03, talc, pigments and other materials.


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