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Highest quality of preforms, granules, bottles and foils

Unique and innovative analyses based on gas chromatography can detect the presence of volatile substances and thus certify the good quality of the preforms produced. It can be used by manufacturers of PET granules, preforms, sheets and bottles to guarantee the highest quality of the finished or semi-finished product supplied.


Two versions:

  • Inspecta Acpara ACETALDEHYDE A high concentration of acetaldehyde is a consequence of PET resin degradation and can affect the taste of the bottled beverage.
  • Inspecta Be for BENZENE Benzene is a potentially toxic volatile; the current higher rate of use of recycled PET materials may cause the presence of benzene in the final products above the permitted threshold.


The new portable DewPoint meter

MobileDewP is the portable sensor for measuring the DewPoint of process air in drying systems.


For a small size dryer, the installation of a dedicated on-board DewPoint probe can have a big impact on the total installation costs; in this case MobileDewP can be the right choice: it is a portable instrument that can be easily connected to the drying circuit to periodically check the performance and efficiency of the system.


MobileDewP is easily portable and can be used for many different machines, without the need for any preliminary adjustment. It is very easy to use and the reading is immediate when connected to the process.


MobileDewP MobileDewP is supplied complete with everything and ready to use; the package included: connection tube, power supply and a protective sleeve for easy and safe handling. Each instrument is internally tested and calibration certification is included.

Winfactory 4.0 SOFTWARE

Process integration is the key to maximum operating efficiency and production output.

The supervisory software for the digital factory.

Winfactory 4.0 is the production process management and control software developed by Piovan, designed to supervise the digital factory.


New features include:


  • greater control of the production process
  • interactivity and easy accessibility
  • flexible and secure access control
  • state-of-the-art customisable analysis tools
  • integrated management
  • communication and data exchange
  • energy optimisation tools

Winenergy SOFTWARE

Monitoring and analysis of energy efficiency

Winenergy is an energy consumption monitoring and analysis system consisting of proprietary software connected to a series of measuring instruments capable of detecting data related to different physical quantities, such as power, electricity, thermal energy, fluid flow, temperature.


With Winenergy it is possible to measure in real time the number of energy vectors and flows used in each working environment.


This system, composed of hardware and software, is able to capture data related to:


  • electricity used
  • thermal energy
  • flow of fluids and gases
  • temperature


Through Winenergy, a mapping of the company’s efficiency status is carried out, identifying areas of energy inefficiency.


Solution for online moisture measurement

Moisture care.


Online measurement of moisture in plastic granules, without the need for time-consuming, costly and complex laboratory analysis.


Moisture Minder continuously monitors the trend of residual moisture content.


The analysis is performed automatically by Moisture Minder without any operator intervention and without the need for personnel with specific skills; the operator’s only task is to select the correct material from the internal database.


Moisture Minder can be fully integrated into the new generation of Piovan dryers – Genesys Next or can be supplied with a stand-alone dryer for older dryers.


Moisture Minder is versatile: two models are available with the ability to detect different moisture levels. Moisture Minder is not only easy to use but also easy to maintain: the only operation required is a periodic reset, using a simple software procedure.


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